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How to.... make your floral toppers food safe

Whist dried and preserved florals are a gorgeous addition to any cake or cupcake, it's important to make sure that they are properly prepared before use. In reality you would need to ingest ridiculously large amount to become ill - but it is always still best to make sure you are correctly handling and using your florals. 

Here's our steps on how to achieve food safe floral toppers:

1. Order and receive your high quality dried and preserved florals

We have such a HUGE range of high quality dried and preserved florals to match any design inspiration you are working with. Not sure of what do add? Check out our shop the look decorating inspiration.

2. Unpack your floral's and give them some love

Transportation can make your floral's in need of some TLC. Gently pull them out of their packaging and give them a good brush out; especially Bunny Tails and Hydrangeas which are notorious for fall out.

If you're putting together your own arrangement, try using Paper Binding Tape, which allows for the stems to be encapsulated within the tape. 

3. Use Stem Seal, Bees Wax or Parafilm Floral Tape

Once you've decided on the floral's you wish to use, the next decision is how you wish to make them food safe.

  • Stem Seal - Simply melt, dip and decorate.
  • Bees Wax 
  • Parafilm Floral Tape - Wrap the stems of your flowers with Parafilm, always ensure you cover the very end of the flower for maximum protection

4. Wrap the stems in your chosen product

This will ensure all moisture is locked into the flower and no moisture is introduced to the flowers creating a seal between flowers and food material to minimise cross contamination. Some options include:

  1. Waterproof Tape - Use once you have wrapped with binding tape. Only the portion that is going to be touching your cake, cupcake or bake needs to be fully covered with the waterproof tape.

Looking to protect your buttercream and ensure that your florals stay up off the cake? 

  1. Posie Guards - After wrapping, pop the posie guard on to keep your florals up off the buttercream.
  2. Flower Guards - After wrapping or protecting the stem, pop on the clear acetate cuffs, and create a barrier that you can't even see.


5. You're all set!

Make sure your sealant of choice is dry. Once it's ready then you are good to start decorating.