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About Us

Once upon a time,

There was a family of four, a mum, dad and two daughters. The mum really wanted to have a third baby but it just didn’t seem possible. You see, the Mum had been battling a huge demon, that demon was called mental health and once she was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety.

Her world came crashing down and she lost her job as one of the realms fiercest protectors, a police officer. But the one thing she still could do was make cakes. These weren’t just ordinary cakes, they were the most colourful, sparkly and magical cakes in all the land. 

Fairytales really do come true

But still she dreamed of a third baby and she dreamed of a baby girl named Everly. She knew that if she was blessed with a third baby, it would be a girl and it would be her Everly. 

And one day, her fairytale came true, and they were blessed with the happiest littlest daughter and named her Everly.

Find Your Fairytale

But that’s not where the story ends, because now the dad had to work out what to do. He now had three daughters to provide for all on his own as the Mum could no longer work. One day, while the mum was making a fairy cake for a friends birthday, she kept complaining that she couldn’t find the magical flowers that she needed. She had searched the whole kingdom but couldn’t find the perfect blooms to perfect her masterpiece.

This gave the Dad an idea and he set off on a journey to search the one place he knew he could find what she needed…. the internet.

And in his search,

He found the most beautiful, enchanting and magical flowers and brought them back to the Mum who was delighted. As she put the flowers on the cake, it was like a fairytale come true. They were the perfect match. But now the mums friends also wanted some of the magical flowers and so the Dad went searching again.

And soon everyone wanted these magical flowers to complete their beautiful creations, they needed the perfect ending to their masterpiece, and so Happy Everly After co. was born

Your Perfect Match

And they all lived Happy Everly After..