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Tri Colour Hydrangeas - Ocean

$24.95 AUD

Tri Colour Hydrangeas are an easy way to obtain a myriad of colours for any cake-making endeavour. Their vibrant colours add a unique beauty and texture to your cakes and cupcakes.

  • These arrangements are NOT edible.
    Dried floral arrangements are preserved using a glycerin and alcohol solution making these gorgeous blooms non toxic and non carcinogenic.

  • These arrangements are not sold as food safe.
    It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure they have made the dried florals food safe before using for decorating purposes - Check out our 'how to' here.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the inherent nature of dried flowers, we are unable to precisely replicate floral colours and designs. While we strive to develop the most stable and replicable product lines, it is important to acknowledge that variations will inevitably occur. These variances are primarily attributed to the natural variations in flowers and the drying processes used in our production. Read full disclaimer here